Remy Khalil Wehbe (born December 1967) is the former CEO of Wehbe Group in Australia. He is a former Major at the Lebanese Army, a proud family man, and a devout Christian. In addition to having studied Transportation and Logistics at the Army Logistics University in Virginia (USA), Military Hospital Management at the Army Medical Department Centre & School in Texas (USA), and International Defence Acquisition Resource Management at the US Naval Postgraduate School in California (USA), he also holds a Bachelor of Business from the Holy Spirit University (USEK) in Lebanon and a MBA from the American University of Technology (AUT) in Lebanon. 

Remy served in the Lebanese Army for almost two decades, which has been a foundation he is proud of as it values clarity, honesty, and loyalty. Through his experience in the Army, Mr. Wehbe has cultivated a deep interest in geography, history, and politics, which he continues to avidly pursue and employ as a proud member of the Australian Labor Party. 

As the former CEO of Wehbe Group, Remy is responsible for managing an array of Australian businesses across many industries including media, education, childcare, disability support, and many more. He has been in this role for over a decade and has played a crucial role in the growth and prosperity of many businesses through his knowledge, organisation, and expertise. 

Remy is highly involved in various community organisations. He is the president of the Australian Lebanese Football Association (ALFA), the treasurer of the Australian Lebanese Christian Federation, and a member of the Maronite Catholic Society.

Mr. Wehbe currently resides with his family in New South Wales and manages a variety of businesses and companies. He can be contacted on 

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